Stolen Smoked Rum 

Stolen Smoked Rum

Caribbean rum from whiskey barrels infused with natural flavors

As I walked the rum aisle my eyes danced from bottle to bottle, excitedly soaking in the dynamic labels, seeking one that would stand out.

And there it was, a large yet simple white label with “STOLEN” printed across the top. Below it an odd, black blob of thick scribbles that looks like a kid took a black marker to the label.

It was all enough to hold my attention.  And plenty enough to make my buy it.

Stolen is an 84 proof, smoked rum.  It’s from the Caribbean and has a lot going for it compared to other rums.  The blend of woods (American hardwood and Moroccan fenugreek) are balanced by notes of coffee and hints of vanilla.

One sniff of the aroma brought flashes of a Summer BBQ to my memory. The smell of a soothing smokey scent along with burning wood in an inviting campfire, the taste of deep vanilla happily wrestling with Caribbean spices… It all swirled around in my mouth and mind.

This is a fantastic rum for just such an occasion. Not on a hot summer day sort of BBQ, but on a cool evening in September when the heat is gone but summer fun still lingers in the air.

You could mix it in a bar drink, but don’t. Stolen is too unique to be mixed. Perhaps in a cola, but not too much else comes to mind.

I enjoyed it neat and plan on doing so each time.

Like choosing a fine wine to pair with a perfect meal, Stolen Smoked Rum is a fine rum to be paired with a perfect moment.