About your Rumbassador

I am your Rumbassador. I am a lover of rum, of people and of life.

Zaya Rum

I love the rich and sometimes dark history of rum. I love that it can be used for cooking and baking. I love that it was standard issue in various military branches around the world. I love that rum has been used to clean wounds on the battlefield and still has its medicinal uses today.


I love that much of rum’s early history is unknown yet its impact on world history is well documented. I love that rum was made and smuggled illegally at one point in time but was also used as a popular form currency in another.


I even love that no one really knows where the name “rum” came from or when it got its name. I love that it comes in different types, with a rich history in traditional cocktail recipes while also being enjoyed straight.

I love that rum is enjoyed by both the upper echelon of society while bottom shelf shoppers have their share of variety as well. Rum is universal.

Yes, I love rum.


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