Drunken Sailor Spiced Rum

Delightfully smooth with the right amount of spice and heat.

Drunken Sailor Spiced Rum ~ Photo by Rumbassador

I grabbed this bottle off the shelf as I was drawn to the label. As I lifted the bottle a voice from down the isle commented, “that stuff’s great straight and on the rocks. It’ll knock your socks off, man.”
I now know the stranger with the ponytail, cargo shorts and heavy, well-worn work boots had spoken the truth.

Photo by Rumbassador

The rum is amazing.  It’s smooth, rich yet subtle, and delicious.  It is absolutely wonderful straight and just as wonderful on the rocks.  I prefer my rum straight, but on this hot and muggy early Summer evening the coolness of it on ice was quit enjoyable to my senses.

Now, look at the label.  I love this label! It catches your eye at first glance and then forces you to visually and mentally engage with it as you realize there more to it.

Now rotate the bottle and sing along to an old sailor sea chanty and learn what to do with a drunken sailor.

Photo by Rumbassador

At 92 proof Drunken Sailor Spiced Rum finds a smooth balance between rich rum flavor and enough kick to help you leave the day’s worries in the past.

So, take a healthy and responsible dose and delight your senses, learn a new song and educate yourself on what best to do with a drunken sailor all while leaving the past in the past and what’s to come in the great unknown.

Photo by Rumbassador