Gosling’s Bermuda Black Rum – Black Seal

Gosling’s Bermuda Black Rum – Black Seal

  • www.goslingsrum.com
  • $19.99
  • 80 Proof
  • Unique characteristics
    • The bottle is simple, bearing no physical alterations or eye-catching shapes or formations. However, the label with the black seal balancing a rum barrel on its nose is unique in its own right. I mean, how many other bottles of spirits out there have a seal on their label?
    • Of course with a label like that there must be a story behind it, right? The back label tells us this rum used to be called “Old Rum.” And how the rum was only available straight from barrels, but then after World War One it was distributed in champagne bottles, with the cork seal with black wax – hence “Black Seal”. That’s the kind of history I love to hear. Other spirits have history too, but the stories behind rum like Black Seal really get me. Think about it for a minute – The rum from this bottle has a history dating to the pre-World War One era. Rum’s history as a beverage goes way further back than that, but the distribution, labeling and presentation of Black Seal adds to its wonderful flavor.
  •  Opinions
    • So let’s get to the flavor, huh? In a word I’ll say its rich. The rich coloring changes as you rotate the bottle in your hand – it shifts from a red to brown to dark amber and then back to red again… It’s beautiful!
    • The rich aroma wafted across my face and I inhaled the heavy scent of sugar cane and vanilla. There was heaviness in the aroma that made me think of more expensive rums.
    • My first sample was served straight in a tumbler. The spice filled my mouth as the delightful beverage seemed to blanket my tongue and cheeks. The spice lingered and was then amplified as I exhaled. The first sip was more than just a sample of a new rum – it was an experience of the senses.
    • I then sampled it on the rocks – two fingers and three cubes served in a rock glass. As much as I enjoyed it straight I enjoyed it even more chilled. The ice didn’t detract from the spice and heat, nor did it reduce the rich flavor and scent of vanilla.
    • Over all I rank this rum high on the list of all the rums I’ve sampled. If you’re looking for something darker than your typical selections this is a very acceptable option.



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