Lost Spirits Cuban Inspired Rum

Lost Spirits Cuban Inspired Rum
Distillery California Distilled


Oak Matured


151 Proof

75.5% ALC/VOL

Dark, Brown, Gold, Amber

The Bottle

As with most of the rums I sample, I was first drawn to this one by its label.


Lost Spirits Cuban Inspired Rum

Everything about Lost Spirit’s label feels fun and intriguing.  From the Cuban beauty on the left to the in-flight plane on the right, the label inspired me to travel to foreign lands where I would sit under a palm tree whilst sipping exotic rums.

Ahhhhh… nice.

Now, back to my review.

The bottle is basic and is cork sealed with a black aluminum wrapper.  The cork is a black rubber cork, which is acceptable but I much prefer a classic cork. I love corked bottles.  Every time I get a new rum I hope it has a cork and not a screw cap.  I’ve had great rums from a screw-capped bottle, but there’s just something about corks that reminds me of tradition.

The Rum



The first sip hit me with an array of spice, heat and an oaky finish that was smooth and tingley.  The spice lingered and left a path of flavor down my throat that hung with me from sip to sip.  I can’t quite decide if I like that or not though.  The flavor remains, which is delightful, but the sensation along my gullet is a first for me.

On the rocks


I enjoyed it on the rocks more than straight.  Having it cooled took away some of the heat and also made it even more smooth.


This is a sipping rum for sure.  Whether on the rocks or straight, a tumbler of Lost Spirits will be a delight to your senses as you sip slowly this intense rum.

This is one of the first rums I’ve sampled that really took my breath away, literally.  I have mixed feelings about it to be honest.  I liked it in all its warm, oaky flavor, both straight and on the rocks, but there’s an intensity about it that will keep it reserved as a unique gem for a special occasion rather than a frequently restocked staple for the home bar.

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