Ypioca Brazillian Rum


Brazillian Rum


Well, I have to admit that I’m at a loss.  Normally I have a pretty good sense of my enjoyment, or not, of each rum I sample.  But, this one has thrown me a curve ball.  It has a flavor I simply can’t nail down.  Ypioca is a light rum in color but it has a wonderful spice about it that reminds me of heavier, darker blends.  There’s even a smokiness to it that confuses me since this rum’s coloration is so bright.  I don’t know if this makes sense or not, but it makes me think of leather.  What that means I don’t know, but let me clarify on that odd critique a little – You know that amazing smell a good leather bound book emits?  Or, how a well-worn leather jacket smells?  Well, oddly enough this rum reminds me of a sophisticated and well-loved leather briefcase.  I know, I know, I know…  it’s weird, but then again that’s the whole point of my reviews, right?  I get to tell you how each rum tasted, smelled, looked and how they make me feel.  So there you have it.

I first sampled Ypioca straight in a tumbler.  The aroma of sugar cane along with a generous amount of spices hit me as I sniffed the first waft of aroma from the mouth of the bottle. I was surprised by the light coloration as I was expecting something slightly more of an amber tone.  I’m not sure why, but the uniqueness of the bottle’s decor led me to think of a darker blend.  At first sip I was completely taken aback by the intensity and fullness of the flavor.  Lighter rums are typically, well, lighter.  But this one felt full and robust.

I next tried Ypioca on the rocks.  The ice cooled the spices but it did not take anything away from the robust flavor and the heaviness of this rum.  I liked it just as much on the rocks as I did pure.

As I was writing this review I noticed the back label provided two recipes – I gave one of them a try and was very pleased with it.  I admit I didn’t follow the recipe to the “T”, but I did use the basic idea.  Here’s what I did:

In a tumbler add about ¼ tsp of sugar and make sure it’s crushed.  Slice up a lime and squeeze in some juice.  Don’t be shy about it either.  Toss in the lime wedges, about four will do.  Put in a generous amount of Ypioca and then add some ice.  Stir it up and thoroughly enjoy.

So as to not stray too far from my previous reviews, I must included my review of the bottle.  Take a look at the pictures I added to this review and you’ll see why this bottle caught me eye.  The bottle is wrapped in a mesh sleeve made of grass or something.  It’s very cool and unique.

I had hoped the bottle was corked, but under the plastic seal was a screw top and a control spout.  I was pleased to see the control spout since it added a little something extra to the uniqueness of the bottle.

Overall I liked Ypioca.  I think mostly because it continued to surprise me every step of the way.  I recommend keeping Ypioca on hand to add variety to your home bar.  Impress your guests by mixing a simple recipe of Ypioca, lime slices, sugar and ice.



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