Rum Reviews

Rum is a tricky spirit to pin down.  There are no mandated rules for rum to follow (another reason I love it) so it’s not easy to categorize.

As you become a student of rum you soon find that the rules of alcohol that other beverages follow simply do not apply to rum.  There are no aging standards, no strict fermentation processes and no specific bottling requirements.

Each rum is as unique as its maker.

Rum is a renege, a rebel, a loner… It does not and will not abide by rules and regulations.

Because of this free market there is now a wide variety rum in the world.  As such, general categories based upon color and region have developed over time.  What’s interesting, though, is that these categories vary from region to region.  For instance, what might be called “silver” in one region is “white” in another.  A “gold” might be an “amber” and a white might be a “platinum”.

There exists no standardization for labeling or categorization.  Some regions have their own requirements, like a minimum two-year aging process in Spain, but that’s their choice and for sure not a standard for the world of rum to adhere to.

I hope that as you explore Rumbassador you find this information useful and intriguing.

Rum is a necessary component to every home bar, liquor cabinet and kitchen.  The spice of its life will surely spice up yours.

All the best to each of you.

And remember, always rum with care.


Your Rumbassador