Havana Club Puerto Rican Rum


Traditional bottle with a simple label topped with a cork – which I always love to see – and a tamper resistant sticker ribbon fastened across the top.

The uniqueness of this bottle rests in its simplicity – and in its elegantly placed tamper ribbon.

The rum poored smoothly into my glass and as I watched it fill I could smell the sweet aromas of sugar and molasses, and a hint of liquorice.

The first sip of this dark rum slid across my tongue and filled my mouth with delight. I let it roll down my throat and then exhaled a breath of sophistication.

My first sampling was straight. Occasionally I will sample my new rum on the rocks, however, I was so pleased with my first naked sip I couldn’t imagine sipping it any other way.

This is not a mixing rum or one to be served on ice. It is a straight rum to be enjoyed in a mood of relaxation.

So relax, and enjoy it.