Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum

Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum


The bottle stands out from the crowd with its eschew, wraparound label secured tightly in place with a wax seal bearing the initial “b”.  The label is not only to name the rum but it’s also a simple map of Jamaica with a few notable geographical locations highlighted.  The back of the label tells about the Blackwell family history in Jamaica as exporters of bananas, coconuts and rum.  Chris Blackwell is responsible for the self labeled rum.

The eye-catching bottle is more appealing than the taste of the rum within int.  I like the appearance of the bottle, given it’s historic map label and piratey appearance, but I was disappointed it had a cheap screw top as opposed to a cork.  As I pealed back the aluminum foil seal I was really hoping for a cork that would match the rest of the bottle’s look.

As I always do I cracked the seal and allowed the aroma to fill the air above the mouth.  I immediately detected the combination of molasses and subtle spices.  My first thought was that it reminded me of Old Monk – though a bit more tame.  The bottle excited me so much that I was expecting something just as fun inside; I was disappointed unfortunately.  I poured a small amount into a tumbler and studied the color – it was a typical delicious looking rum-brown color.  As I took my first sip I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of spice it provided.  The flavor of molasses wasn’t completely masked, but it was dulled by the spice.

My second sampling was on the rocks (three cubes and two fingers).  It’s better straight.  The ice muddled the flavor and didn’t really do anything special to the flavoring.

All in all I’m glad I tried Blackwell’s Fine Jamaican Rum.  When a bottle looks that attractive you have to see what’s inside.  And I did.  If Blackwell is the only rum available, I’ll gladly partake in my ration.  But given a menu of options, it wouldn’t be my first choice.

My final word, the bottle will make a fine addition to my collection.


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