Pussers British Royal Navy Rum

Pusser’s British Royal Navy Rum



Unique characteristics

At first glance the bottle shouts at your eyes with it’s royal blue mixed with authoritative red and white label.  A symbol of the British Navy flag positioned at top center of the label informs you of this rum’s origin.  The neck label is adorned with rope and anchor framed in royal blue and red banners bearing the rum’s name, “Pusser’s Navy Rum” – “Original”.  The familiar dark rum color pleases the eye of any rum lover.

The history of this rum is one of my biggest likes; it’s modeled after the very same recipe the British Royal Navy would enjoy – If you’re not familiar with rum and it’s important role in the life of Navy Men it’s important for you to know that it was standard practice for these men to receive a daily ration of rum.  This particular blend is distilled in wooden stills, not metal ones.  Some of which are the same wood stills used two centuries ago.  Wow, just sit and think about that for a moment – the rum you’re drinking now and the rum British Navy Men enjoyed 200 years ago were made from the same stills.  That blows my mind.  As a history lover and a rum lover I am in heaven.


I really, really enjoyed this rum.  The aroma of spiced molasses greeted me as I popped open the elegant bottle.  The cork top bares the same rope and anchor symbol on the neck label; giving it an added level of impressiveness.  The coloring holds true to its amber roots.  As always I sampled it straight in a rock tumbler – I was pleasantly surprised by it’s warm and smooth taste.  The spices were enough send tingles across my tongue in an intriguing “I want more” sort of way.  I tried it on the rocks as well.  I have to admit that I like it better straight.  The ice diminished the wonderful warmth of this beverage.  I did not mix it but if I do I will report to you post haste.

Pusser’s makes other blends as well; Gunpowder Proof, Over Proof and more.  I will be sampling them all in due time for sure.

Overall I found this rum to be one of the best I’ve sampled.  It’s warm, spiced perfectly and is ripe with a two-decade old history that all true rum lovers will appreciate.  Go buy it!


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