New home – First Rum

My wife and I bought a foreclosure.  So we drank rum.

The end…

No, seriously…

We did buy a foreclosure, and while that process alone warrants a rock tumbler or two of that fabulous spirit, it wasn’t until last night that we shared a couple of sips whilst staring wondrously at all the work we had done and all the work that lay ahead.

And our rum of choice last evening was…

Captain Morgan Black.

I know what you’re thinking, and believe me the thought went through my mind as well, “with all the rum out there, why such a common selection?”

It’s a good question for sure.  And the answer is simple.

That’s all we had at our new home.

The rest of my rum collection currently resides at my in-law’s where we’ve been staying most nights.

Now, don’t take this as me knocking the Captain.  Oh no…  He’s one of my favs, hell, he’s everyone’s favorite.

While a more exotic rum may have been right for the occasion, an old friend is sometimes the best there is.

Last night as my wife and I sat at a hand-me-down table in our freshly painted dining room I was happy to relax and embrace the moment with two staples in my life, my wife and good ol’ Cap’n.


Captain Black - First rum in a new home

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