Playing it cool when you’re in over your head

We’ve all been there; in those moments when you’re out of you league, in over your head, in too deep… Or whatever you want to call it.  Basically it’s a moment when you have to puff up and pretend you’re more than you are.

There are a variety of times when we’re forced to do this… impressing a boss, or a lady (or guy), self-defense, negotiations,  etc…  Some of us do it well, while others fall flat on their faces showing their cards and losing the battle.

So how do you turn it on and fool the other guy?  How do you save face and walk away with your head held high?

It’s not easy, but it’s not all that difficult either.  Basically it comes down to knowing who you are and a little about human behavior.  You have to capitalize on your strengths, know your weaknesses and play with people.  That last part sounds a bit cruel and manipulative, but it’s not.  Fundamentally what this all boils down to is survival.  There is a game being played and you must make the right moves in order to be victorious.

I’m not the perfect example of how this is done well.  But Frank Abignale is.  He’s the guy Catch Me If You Can is all about.  He wrote a book about his life and explaines how he was able to make people believe he was an airline pilot and a professor and was able to fool dozens of people into thinking he was someone he was not.

His story is fascinating and while I certainly don’t condone his behavior, there are some practical lessons to learn from his story.

I invite you to read this article from The Art of Manliness to pick up on some key points we can all take with us as we battle through the struggles of life.

Use what’s good, leave what’s bad and keep your cool.

Rum on my friends!


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